Marinado was created to offer you the best lunch break at work that a person can ask for. We made a couple of important decisions in order to be able to provide you with the best experience possible:

Open Exclusively for Lunch
We are only open between 11:30 – 15:00. We utilize all our time before and after service to prepare and get ready for lunch service. We are 100% dedicated to your lunch break!

We are a Delivery Only Restaurant
We have no takeaway or dine-in services. We have decided to only provide delivery services and this has helped us be focused, fast and efficient.

Everything we make is made fresh every single day. Our vegetables are delivered early in the morning and they are chopped just before service time. Our chicken is bought fresh and gets marinated for 24 hours. Our meatballs and falafel are prepared just hours before service. Our hummus, tahini and guacamole dips are all prepared fresh every morning from scratch.

Small Menu
We have deliberately decided to create a small menu. The small menu helps us be dedicated to quality and speed and it also helps you make a decision quicker on your busy days.

We are able to create variety with our delicious Specials that will appear every couple of months!

We marinate boneless chicken thighs in two different marinates overnight to get all those juices in. We spent months perfecting these marinades so they can provide you this mouthwatering culinary experience. Our meatballs and falafel also took months of experimentation to get to this delicious result. And our dips are definitely not your ordinary dips. The creaminess and richness is incomparable.

The Marinado Promise
We promise to be consistent in providing you with high quality, fresh and delicious food for your lunch break at work, exactly the time you want it.

With love,
The Marinado Team